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Short bio on James Allison a biochem Ph.D., but there is great hope/advance to be made with immunotherapy when it comes to cancer treatment alternatives. " Until very recently we’ve had three main methods for treating cancer. “cut, burn, and poison” techniques are currently estimated to be able to cure cancer in about half of the people who develop the disease. And that’s remarkable, a true medical accomplishment. But that leaves the other half of ...Read More
"The fluid contains chemicals that protect nerve cells from damage, and unlike blood, has no immune cells, which may contribute to brain damage. “If this works for brain cells it will also work with some less sensitive organs with some tinkering,”"
"Cracking the code on how the brain is able to compute so many different kinds of faces has made it possible to recreate the faces shown to monkeys"
As @slava mentioned in other thread, no doubts about power of #blockchain as decentralization technology and all the possibilities can brings, but no one is talking about the whole bunch of energy needs to get it work. We should think and invest to new ways to produce energy also to ...Read More