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With threats of homelessness and bankruptcy in the air as the eviction moratoriums subside, both renters and small landlords are getting pinched by predatory tech capitalism as the gig-economy hits the real estate market.

“Civvl is ...Read More

The only way to devalue what you have created for the capitalist, in terms of paying you less, is to devalue you as a person.

"In reality, the global human population is not increasing exponentially, but is in fact slowing and predicted to stabilise at around 11 billion by 2100. More importantly, focusing on human numbers obscures the true driver of many of our ...Read More

"Black Masculinity Under Racial Capitalism from Boston Review. A truly radical counterhegemony can only be realized by disassociating both blackness and manhood from capitalist registers of worth."

Amazon Flex drivers are using automated software, third-party apps and other tools to get jobs.

Flex drivers are contract workers who use their own vehicles to deliver packages to customers’ doorsteps.  Drivers say competition has _...Read More_

What does WeWork’s architectural automation say about the state of architectural design and the way we all work?

“if we look at contemporary patterns of employment, jobs within production have been largely automated while entire new ...Read More

Berlin-based philosopher Samo Tomšič's latest book, The Labour of Enjoyment, & Isabelle Graw, sat down with Tomšič to discuss the implications of his recent study for the field of art.

"If I now link this to your example of people who hate ...Read More

Big pyramid scheme energy.

“The potential new investment from SoftBank could unlock more financing options for WeWork, which is in talks for a $3 billion to $4 billion loan from a consortium of banks contingent on it raising additional ...Read More

"Most of the world’s top companies extracting key minerals for electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines have been linked with human rights abuses in their mines… 87% of the 23 largest companies mining cobalt, copper, lithium, ...Read More

How Google Discovered the Value of Surveillance.

In 2002, still reeling from the dot-com crash, Google realized they’d been harvesting a very valuable raw material — your behavior.

”The problem is that we have an educational system that's based on taking our natural penchant for exploration and fashioning it into a willingness to take on mind-numbing routine. This is because our educational system was designed to ...Read More

The companies have wrested control of land, deforested it, and helped build a controversial highway to their new shipping terminal in the one-time jungle, all to facilitate the cultivation and export of grain and soybeans. The Amazon ...Read More

An optimistic view on where we are headed as exemplified by local sharing and barter economies popping up in Greece.

Slavery, the argument goes, was an inefficient system. The use of enslaved labor has been presented as premodern, a practice that had no ties to the capitalism that allowed America to become a leading global economy. This is untrue. ...Read More

Rob Horning on authenticity. What came to my mind is all the authentic things that are not desirable and commodifiable, like poverty, grief etc.