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The North Face hatched a scheme to get its products to the top of Google Images by replacing Wikipedia photos with its own product placement shots. “we did what no one has done before … we switched the Wikipedia photos for ours” and “[paid] absolutely nothing just by collaborating with Wikipedia.” ...Read More
Horrific picture of how and where pharmaceuticals are produced. Not in the US. It makes the FDA look like a lobby, remise in their responsibility to safeguard our medicines.
"Luxury in the Age of Fragmentation, however is a bit different. The gatekeepers no longer have much of a stronghold, so the definitions are unique and one group’s idea of luxury can vary wildly from another’s. The Maiyet customer’s socially sensitive and worldly view of the world stands in stark tldr: consumers define luxury for themselves. more signifier flattening. ...Read More
"Pop stars are better understood as monarchic CEO’s of content production studios atop a feudal, trickle up, creative economy. They have adapted to the online ecosystem far faster than the critical systems that might have one day raised objection to them. For many, the only thing to do now is ...Read More
"But I haven’t heard about anyone selling out in a long while. Sometime between 2008 and 2018, capitalizing on your success as an artist to build a skate brand went from being reprehensible to being the thing that everyone is doing. I’ve heard people credit this phenomenon to Kanye and ...Read More