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"Owen maintains the mining rigs as they search for whatever cryptocurrency earns them the most per watt, but it is his wife Cassie’s trading that really keeps the family afloat. When not homeschooling the kids, she is glued to her computer, hoping to multiply their earnings by trading the cryptocurrencies ...Read More
"In cryptocurrencies, Facebook saw both a threat and an opportunity. They held the promise of disrupting how things are bought and sold by eliminating transaction fees common with credit cards. That comes dangerously close to Facebook’s ad business that influences what is bought and sold. If a competitor like Google ...Read More
„This is the difference between people like me and Mark Zuckerberg.I live in a world where I presume that I could be a potential adversary to the system.“ on information warfare: ...Read More
Canadians are often charged super high international transfer fees to send money back home to family members (these small direct cash transfers have been proven to have more benefits than foreign aid) Blockchain offers a breakthrough alternative
A programmer from Mozilla writes this article, "Open source doesn't make money bacause it's not designed to", but he mentiond 6 different ways to create profit. ...Read More
Joi Ito (director of MIT media lab) recently wrote a PHD dissertation that digs into some fundamental forces of societal change caused by the internet.
The issue at “The Art of Blockchains” was less malice than myopia. People with careers in art or careers in tech tend only to see what they’ve been trained to see. But regardless of the difference in animating force, the results at the conference were the same as in Giridharadas’s ...Read More
Even if it’s fixing the broken plumbing in a housing co-op, when framed as a governance issue, the debate on who should take care of it could last for weeks as the pipes leak and the toilets fail to drain.
"How can we better design our systems to maximize efficiency rather than pander to speculators?"
"I have yet to see an actual illustration of the Web3 stack. So this is an attempt. Given how expansive the Web3 ecosystem is, this diagram is almost certainly incomplete, and likely has a few inaccuracies. For the remainder of this post, I’ll highlight some of the most interesting observations ...Read More
This interactive Intro to Blockchain is a pretty fun way to learn about a concept that many find dry or too abstract. What’s even more interesting is that it’s published by Goldman Sachs.
‘It's how we overcome the core challenge of mistrust among strangers, the means by which we reach agreement on sets of facts and make exchanges of value. This is the stuff of civilization. Anything that transforms this function is, by definition, extremely important.’ This article is a good summation of ...Read More