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Why he spent so many letters? It's so stupid. Only question I would like to ask is: When does he consider the last "real" art object? I've checked his wikipedia, dunno maybe he is just making one more art-joke by writing this. This reference for good Michelangelo art object is ...Read More
"The case was seen as an important legal challenge to the controversial but growing use by governments around the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and risk modelling in administering welfare benefits and other core services. Campaigners say such “digital welfare states” – developed often without consultation, and operated secretively and without adequate oversight – amount to spying on the poor, breaching privacy and human rights norms and unfairly penalising the most vulnerable."
"Tara McGowan is denying that her high-profile liberal firm ACRONYM played a role in the Monday evening caucus debacle, claiming that her firm was merely an investor in the company Shadow Inc., which developed the app at the center of the controversy. But internal company documents, a source close to ... Federal campaign finance records show that the Iowa Democratic Party and the Nevada Democratic Party retained Shadow to develop its caucus app. Shadow has also been retained for digital services by Buttigieg’s campaign, which paid the company $42,500 for software-related services last July, and by Joe Biden’s campaign, which ...Read More
When i saw this google maps hack I thought of the Mahatma Gandhi quote “ In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
In recent years there has been a great deal of speculation about the possible harmful effects of digital technology, particularly smartphones, on mental health, the ability to concentrate, and sleep patterns. Is there any sound evidence to support these concerns? AO: In relation to how much societal debate and coverage these questions get, there is very little evidence for these concerns, and even less high-quality, robust and transparent evidence. I think that lack of high-quality evidence makes the question really difficult to answer... ...Read More
Do elephants know why we kill them? “ the end, I came to the conclusion that he was hiding his tusk. Because at a waterhole like that, it is where poachers hide and I am convinced that he [figured out that] what he had on his face was his downfall. I am sure he knew that ...Read More
About the dangers of our increasing reliance on artificial intelligence. Zittrain considers the vulnerabilities and risks inherent in automated thinking technology — and how these might be exploited for nefarious purposes.
Are AI avatars an impending trend? With Samsung's (somewhat lackluster) demo of Neon's "Artificial Human" at CES, people are beginning to discuss what a future involving these might look like. "It's an odd feeling when your own science fiction catches up with you. ...Read More
"Tech giants can access all of your personal medical details under existing health privacy laws. The question is how else that data might get used."
Frieze Editors Debate the Artist of the Decade The artists, collectives, movements and tendencies that shaped art in the 2010s. BY ANDREW DURBIN, EN LIANG KHONG, PABLO LARIOS, EVAN MOFFITT AND AMY SHERLOCK. ...Read More
Dean Kissick on the art industry’s relationship to climate change and its neoliberal big money backers: “None of these are complicated projects. Pharrell’s ‘100 Years’ won’t be released for 100 years. Paterson’s ‘Future Library’ is a library for the future. Visitors to Eliasson’s “Ice Watch” can watch the ice melt. Also, it looks like a watch. As society turns against nuance, expect plenty more massively expensive ...Read More
Artists want to work with Balenciaga, buy it, and think about it. How did a fashion house become an art-world power broker? "Carly Busta, an aggregating Truman Capote for the Berlin scene who runs New Models, a kind of Drudge Report for the art world, said in an interview earlier this fall that Balenciaga pulls its talent from a creative class, often Berlin-based, that has more crossover with the art world than ...Read More
Published in January of 2018, but sent to me recently by a friend. "I believe we need our educational system to engage students with issues of ethics and responsibility in science and technology. We should treat required arts and humanities courses not as some vague attempt to “broaden minds” but ...Read More
“It's as if the artist is saying that the ephemeral esoterica of life's reality make any cogent understanding of "Value" absurd on its face. If you believe in time, and you believe in money, then why - Masa is clearly asking - can you not believe that something he once ...Read More