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“Artnet said “two principals involved in the transaction” had told its reporter that “the work was whisked away in the middle of the night on MBS’s plane and relocated to his yacht, the Serene”.” #art #culture #royalty #markets
"Nine years ago, Adam Neumann discovered he could make office spaces fun and charge extra for the “community.” How did he build WeWork into a $47 billion company? Not by sharing."
what's worse: this technology becoming a standard means of corporate governance or people saying it's not a big deal and get that money ?
i feel like shopping and traveling two things that the web was supposed to make easier have suffered a sort of bell curve decline where 1) you search for a product on amazon and are served things that are somehow (hashtags, dark pattern, etc) related to the item ...Read More
This is reassuring to see as I think we'll see a competitive market for these services developing soon. Companies will be clamouring to be the ones with the most accurate and cost effective AI/ML diagnostic services. Hopefully regulations foster a competitive yet transparent market and dataset for these.
“Nothing is more hackneyed than the liberal dogma that shock value confers automatic importance of an artwork.” — Camille Paglia, Glittering Images
Real Life is on a roll these days. A great article about the WeWorkisation of cities.
Good convo with artist Jenna Sutela. "I believe we should seek to connect with, or sense other intelligences around us – be it neural networks or, for example, ancient microbes – developing new sensibilities in the light of novel experience. In my performance Many-Headed Reading, I ingest a dose of Physarum polycephalum, the single-celled yet “many-headed” ...Read More
Just think about it. How true could this headline be? Carl Jung describes this behavior as the Shadow. Jung says, "By shadow, I mean the "negative" side of the personality, the sum of all those unpleasant qualities we like to hide, together with the insufficiently developed functions and contents ...Read More