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Instead of the architecture itself, we treat the systems *around* architecture as the object of design, like contracts and financing models. We’re interested in viable alternatives for shared property ownership in order to break the cycle of perpetual debt and rent. ...Read More
With Rikers’ positioned for closure, Manhattan debates the 45-story prison tower proposed to replace the Tombs. The prison system’s corruption aside, it’s interesting to consider the visibility this move would bring to the city’s practice of incarceration.
There is something interesting in this media coverage/controversy about the development of The Hudson Yards, in NYC. Its a good article with interesting parallels! But a bit of a miss in my opinion because there were never any mom'n-pop shops, or actually anything of the sort in The Hudson Yards, ...Read More
Astonishing view on this soon-to-become new museum of architecture, reminiscent of Dubaï or Abu Dhabi, a cynical and distopian move. But what a beautiful article, read it on your largest screen
"The Union Station Metro stop was dark as a cave, its high concrete arch coated in years’ worth of grime. To Metro officials, it must have seemed like a no-brainer to break out white paint and rollers and give the dingy concrete a going-over."