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"The Venezuela-born artist, who came out as non-binary in 2018 and uses the pronouns "she" and "it," has come to embody practically every positive thing that is synonymous with the 2010s. She has been, variously and at different times, a hip-hop deconstructor, an experimental composer, a queer icon, a fashion ...Read More
“It's as if the artist is saying that the ephemeral esoterica of life's reality make any cogent understanding of "Value" absurd on its face. If you believe in time, and you believe in money, then why - Masa is clearly asking - can you not believe that something he once ...Read More
Employees want more than $14.25 an hour !? - just permanently close the collection... “Just one day after laying off nearly six dozen employees who were attempting to unionize, the Marciano Art Foundation announced in a statement to The Times on Wednesday that it has “no present plans to reopen.”
"Love and comfort may have been the dominant first responses, but we do not currently live in a society that is governed by those values... And so as the reality set in that Chico’s population had grown by some 20,000 people, sharp feelings of scarcity and cutthroat competition began to ...Read More
“Being an artist is widely perceived as a matter of choice and a question of privilege, rather than one of sacrifice that merits financial reward. As Russell Martin, an artist and the director of Artquest said: ‘there seems to be an idea that if you enjoy your work [as an “Yet in addition to the many benefits made by the arts that do not register in financial terms, their contribution to GDP stands as evidence that the sector is lucrative; in 2017 arts and culture contributed GB£29.5bn to the UK economy.” ...Read More
"Bayer, the inventor of aspirin and owner of Yasmin birth control and Claritin allergy relief brands, is widely expected to eventually buy itself out of the litigation, with analysts currently estimating the size of a future settlement at $8-$12 billion."
Malaika Jabali’s take on this is incredibly accurate. The purity argument feels incredibly murky and even dismissive.
"Many of the elements that define cinema as I know it are there in Marvel pictures. What’s not there is revelation, mystery or genuine emotional danger. Nothing is at risk. /.../ everything in them is officially sanctioned because it can’t really be any other way." scorsese says himself the shifts in cultural production shouldnt be reversed by sanctions, as much as his own romanticised auteur narrative doesnt by any means suggest a "solution". but his very first hand experience does contribute to a very clear image of what aspects of culture that are gradually slipping ...Read More
"This rhetoric sounds nice—“free expression” and “in a democracy” are the phrasal equivalents of American-flag lapel pins—but it doesn’t amount to much. It’s one thing for Zuckerberg to build the world’s biggest microphone and then choose to rent that microphone to liars, authoritarians, professional propagandists, or anyone else who can ...Read More
Unfortunately social care innovation and investment just doesn't sound as sexy as sending rockets to space or self driving cars; whilst one can argue progress in both areas are equally as important to human development and sustainability. No doubt the top down profit driven care sector has in part driven ...Read More
“A new type of Silicon Valley activism is emerging, however, driven by workers from these companies themselves. Employees at Amazon, Microsoft and Google have joined – and, in some cases, instigated – protests in response to military and law enforcement projects. In April 2018, more than 3,000 Google employees signed Thiel hasn’t shown any desire for cultural philanthropy to art-wash his ill-gotten gains. As his open support for Trump illustrates, he is impervious to the shame tactics of polite, liberal society. Thiel founded a programme that encourages gifted students to drop out of elite colleges and build start-ups. Many of ...Read More
McDonald’s is employing artificial intelligence and machine learning in a bid to predict customer’s cravings and boost sales
“The moral vision MoMA cast backward into the past rebounds into the present, creating an all-too-neat narrative that leaves little sense of what’s at stake and little room for the kinds of questions that the protestors outside the galleries are asking. Now that MoMA has written a new story for ...Read More
Among reputable partners like CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post, it had decided to include Breitbart in its list of sources for Facebook News.
SPECIAL REPORT: STREETWEAR HAS A SUSTAINABILITY PROBLEM “Ethical isn’t a word commonly associated with streetwear,” says American industry veteran and creative business consultant Julie Gilhart, who has worked with everyone from Amazon, Prada, and Jil Sander to Goyard and Mulberry. “It’s too broad of a term, and it doesn’t really resonate with the culture.” Gilhart argues that, ...Read More