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"The idea that our iPhones and AirPods have become like bodily appendages has started to seem less metaphorical and more literal as the pursuit of the friction-free ideal binds those devices closer to our physical selves."
"AirPods foster a different approach to detachment: Rather than mute the surrounding world altogether, they visually signal the wearer’s choice to perpetually relegate the immediate environment to the background. The white earbuds create what Kantrowitz calls the AirPod Barrier, a soft but recognizable obstacle to interpersonal interaction not unlike that ...Read More
Not toxic: vaccines Toxic: Apple’s AirPods ... and in so many more ways than one might imagine.
Social sites collaborating on their effort to ban Alex Jones is disgusting. The terms of service argument is bullshit when they act in concert. I don’t want a big club of developer folk deciding what content I see. Google is now helping China create censored search engine, what else are ...Read More