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on the similarities and differences between japanese and american online right movements, and how "americans have become their own clickbait"
"The problem with not knowing if something is serious or satirical is that [it] renders any intervention efforts moot out of the gate,” says Phillips. “That's what makes the work feel sometimes so futile, because we don't even know exactly what we're up against and we don't even know what ...Read More
Teenage Pricks | Alex Pareene
Alex Pareene is a writer in New York. He was formerly the editor of Gawker and Racket ↗︎
“Trumpism’s pitch to young white men is thus a stirringly amoral sort of syllogism: we can’t give you anything material, because we stole it all and are hoarding it, but we can create a world in which you can regularly act on your worst impulses and get away with it.”
" posted a letter it received from its domain registrar saying it will seize the domain in five days if the site doesn't find a new host."