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Annemarte Moland works for the state-owned broadcaster NRK. She first came across the online community a year ago when she travelled to a small Norwegian town to research a story about three teenage girls who had killed themselves. One of the girls had a private Instagram account where she had "The police told me she had a 100 followers across the country, but they didn't do anything more with it," Annemarte says. ...Read More
Interesting look into algorithmic bias in Facebook's advertising and community censorship and the ways this impacts QTIPOC and womxn.
A succinct argument for why algorithmic sorting of information is the original sin of Facebook and other social media apps. I would add to this the populist mechanism of one-person(click/bot)-one-vote that create mob dynamics and discourage nuance. There is an interesting comment at the bottoms of the article saying “this is just human nature and there is no solution”. It’s is also human nature to bludgeon one another to death and we have come up with a variety of solutions to prevent that, at least for the ...Read More Motivated by the same vigilantism that drives the PizzaGate crowd, R/ElsaGate is a community dedicated to finding and flagging disturbing YouTube content marketed for children. Seems like there's a certain kind of person, regardless of political orientation, who processes socioeconomic alienation by making themselves into a defender of children.
"In aviation, the black box is a source of knowledge: a receptacle of crucial data that might help investigators understand catastrophe. In technology, a black box is the absence of knowledge: a catchall term describing an algorithmic system with mechanics its creators can’t—or won’t—explain. Algorithms, in this telling, are unknowable, ...Read More
“It isn’t inherently awful that YouTube uses AI to recommend video for you, because if the AI is well tuned it can help you get what you want. This would be amazing,..But the problem is that the AI isn’t built to help you get what you want — it’s built ...Read More
It’s not that hard to design manipulation resistant algorithms. Relevant’s reputation system is a case in point. We’ve designed it with a specific goal of making it resilient while being transparent. Zeynep Tufeki on Algorithms: ...Read More
It's been widely reported that YouTube has an algorithm problem. This explainer goes deeper, mapping the bot battleground that makes effective countermeasures so elusive