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A thread that critiques this paper: (OT: Notably: "They reached their sweeping conclusions by analyzing YouTube *without logging in*, based on sidebar recommendations for a sample of channels (not even the user’s home page because, again, there’s no user). Whatever they measured, it’s not radicalization."
"In a new report, Penn State political scientists say that it's not the recommendation engine, but the communities that form around right-wing content." ““For these far-right groups, the audience is treating it much more as interactive space...this could lead to the creation of a community,” which is a much more potent persuasive force than any recommendation system. When it comes to radicalization, he says, these are the sorts of factors we should be ...Read More Motivated by the same vigilantism that drives the PizzaGate crowd, R/ElsaGate is a community dedicated to finding and flagging disturbing YouTube content marketed for children. Seems like there's a certain kind of person, regardless of political orientation, who processes socioeconomic alienation by making themselves into a defender of children.
Based on actual music used by the CIA during interrogation and torture at Guantánamo Bay
In-depth history from 4chan to 8chan to Youtube radicalism. "My generation watched with idle curiosity as corporations muscled in on the homebrewed internet to build up what was essentially a labyrinth of profit and addiction. That’s why trolling, destroying these fantasy worlds, was its own youth culture, also born on ...Read More
It’s super important that there are spaces out there for people to educate themselves and others and to feel supported during their journey. “YouTube lets people get more detailed information and find out more about how to transition, and ways to live a healthy life," she said. "People can find someone who's like them [on YouTube] and feel less alone." ...Read More
One of my favorite YouTubers is Shaun, a videogame streamer who got into making long videos debunking right wing YouTubers. They're long but are pleasant to watch, and are a good intro to people like Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, and their ilk. This video concerns Carl ...Read More
“It isn’t inherently awful that YouTube uses AI to recommend video for you, because if the AI is well tuned it can help you get what you want. This would be amazing,..But the problem is that the AI isn’t built to help you get what you want — it’s built ...Read More
"The entire system is designed to make creators desperate, and to make them behave in increasingly erratic ways. The creators are pushed to constantly generate content, as cheaply and as quickly as possible. It’s potentially a very lucrative business, but it’s entirely dependent on a mysterious and ever-shifting algorithm that ...Read More
Another close look at the close relationship between youtube algorithms and dissemination of far-right ideology. Towards the end the article describes a some new left-leaning youtube personalities counteracting and debunking some of the extremist rhetoric. Curious if this trend will persist and if it is capable of making an impact. I've also been wondering if anyone has drawn parallels between the latest far-right phenomena and earlier efforts to indoctrinate the youth, most notably the skinheads in the 70s and 80s. ...Read More
Alphabet’s stock price fell 8% after they made the YouTube algorithm healthier. Seems like there is a direct relationship between corporate profits and algorithmic propagation of sensational and radical content. “In the first quarter of 2018, Google began making changes to YouTube’s algorithms designed to stop harmful content from appearing in the feed of recommended videos you see on the side of a video page.”
"As we look at our culture wars, we don’t like to find the hard ways through. We like to find the things we can blame, or the one thing we can fix. And right now, that conversation is about technology. Yet, the cultural wars of today weren’t created by technology, The cultural wars we’re facing are rooted in epistemological fragmentation. In other words, the differences between how people build knowledge about the world are fracturing the very social fabric of our country." ...Read More
It's been widely reported that YouTube has an algorithm problem. This explainer goes deeper, mapping the bot battleground that makes effective countermeasures so elusive