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"Police departments have become more attentive to officers’ use of excessive force on the job, but that concern rarely extends to the home.”
“Walmart is taking down displays of violent video games in its stores in the wake of recent shootings. But the company plans to still sell the controversial video games -- and guns. The change in policy does not apply to the sale or display of actual firearms. As the nation's largest retailer, Walmart is also one of the largest sellers of guns and ammunition in the world. ...Read More
For Hito Steyerl's "Drill" we made sonifications of gun violence which were then performed by a marching band. Documentation and sounds now up.
"Ms. Steyerl invites several survivors of gun violence, projected at an enormous scale on the screens, to explore the Armory’s rich interiors and foundational links to guns. One teenager talks about shootings in her low-income neighborhood; a man in a wheelchair says he’s been to more funerals than he can "Making the deadly defensible requires images, “Drill” insists, and different images over time. In the 19th century, the Armory’s founders did it with oil paintings and Tiffany glass; a character in “Drill” purrs that they “spared no expense to make war beautiful.” Now this glorification takes place through poor images ...Read More
The NRA's answer to everything is to buy more guns and ammunition. A true NRA member needs to revolt against pure capitalistic greed. New Zealand changed thier laws before there were funerals. It is not a second amendment issue.