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A National Epidemic: Fatal Anti-Transgender Violence in America.

“Black Trans Lives Matter,” said Tori Cooper, HRC director of community engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative. “In the same week countless people across the globe ...Read More

Truly awful. The FBI and government agencies have a lot of self-education work ahead of them.

"In addition to male and female and several forms of “unknown,” users could pick “male impersonator” and “female impersonator.” ...Read More

It’s super important that there are spaces out there for people to educate themselves and others and to feel supported during their journey.

“YouTube lets people get more detailed information and find out more about how to transition, and ...Read More

"There is a lack of queer visibility in science fields. For transgender people, this visibility is even lower. It’s hard to join or participate in a system when you don’t see yourself in it. For queer and trans scientists to enter — and ...Read More

"Definitive statistics are hard to come by, but Booker appears to have been the fourth black transgender woman fatally shot this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBTQ advocacy group. A fifth, Michelle Simone, ...Read More