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"History's interjection to the notion that #MeToo accusers are incapable of lying or being motivated by malice or financial gain."
A similar notion – this time about women and reckoning with the politics of power – was acknowledged by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Louis Vuitton creative director, after his recent AW18 womenswear show. “I have these discussions about #MeToo everyday. It's a dialogue we have all the time,” said Ghesquière. With ...Read More
Immigrants sexually abused in ICE detention have been saying #MeToo for years. They faced retaliation, and a system unwilling to hold itself accountable.
What started as a trickle of accusations about leading Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Fox television pundit Bill O’Reilly and actor Kevin Spacey, has become a flood of allegations of sexual misconduct from millions of women and men around the world. Weinstein may be the biggest casualty of the sexual misconduct backlash so far. But now powerful men from several industries — from Hollywood and British politics, to the theater and Silicon Valley, are joining President Donald J. Trump, Bill Clinton, O’Reilly, and the deceased head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, ...Read More