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ICE is using DMV photo databases in combination with facial recognition tech to find illegal immigrants and deport. The underperforming racially bais / algorithmic software is known to often generate false positives among the ethnically brown and women. The post 911, anti-privacy, ICE detention, surveillance state, is one of the most frighting, and critical points in time Americans have ever faced, period. ...Read More
"The laws purport to only criminalize violence and property damage in service of pipeline safety, but critics say their greater intent appears to be to deter nonviolent civil disobedience by framing it as potentially violent in itself."
On Monday, a bill that sex worker activists have helped draft will be introduced in the state legislature If passed, it would make New York the first state to fully decriminalize sex work ...Read More
There appears to be concerns that execution by lethal injection is very painful and torturous for the condemned. Some may argue that this is not a problem and may be a deserving end. Others may feel we are only as humane as our gravest actions. Either way, death by "For years defense attorneys and medical experts have warned that midazolam — a sedative often paired with an opioid during minor surgeries — is incapable of rendering a person insensate for the purpose of lethal injection, no matter how high the dose. Without sufficient anesthesia, the second and third drugs ...Read More
"You never know what day it is, what time it is," said Rivera, who has struggled with mental illness. "Sometimes you never see the sun." Rivera was placed in isolation because of allegations, later determined to be unfounded, that she had kissed and touched other detainees, records show. ...Read More
A freezing office isn't just less pleasant for women. It hurts their performance. Increase room temp by 1°C, and women do ~2% better on math tests. ...Read More
A system built on millions of cell relays, antennas, and sensors also offers previously unthinkable surveillance potential. Telecom companies already sell location data to marketers, and law enforcement has used similar data to track protesters. 5G will catalogue exactly where someone has come from, where they are going, and what ...Read More
" one of hundreds of children in Chicago whose ankle monitors are now equipped with microphones and speakers. The stated purpose of these devices is to communicate with the children, but they are raising concerns among civil liberties watchers that they are actually a mechanism for surveilling the conversations of ...Read More