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"Young people are far more likely to eat plant-based meat than older generations. And the trend is quickly accelerating as Millennials become parents." Specifically, younger generations' growing acceptance of climate change appears to be playing a vital role.”
Livestock farming is destroying our planet. (...) Plant-based diets, insect farming, lab-grown meat and genetically modified animals have all been proposed as potential solutions. Which is best? All of these combined, say researchers.
"“I thought it was all about the nutrients,” said study leader Kevin Hall, a section chief at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. ”There’s something other than the sugar and fat on the food label that causes people to overeat and gain weight,” Hall said. “We don’t fully know the mechanism yet, but processed foods aren’t just innocent bystanders.”" ...Read More
Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered
Julia Moskin, Brad Plumer, Rebecca Lieberman, Eden Weingart, Nadja ↗︎
An easy read worth sharing with skeptical friends on food and its environmental impact.
"Instagram food has almost nothing to do with consumption as a gastronomic endeavor; instead, consuming Instagram food means acquiring it, and sharing proof of your acquisition." #food #culture #socialmedia
Last hope meltdown. No diversity on mars once the iced archive is down and just booked a couple of flights to go to Europe. ...Read More