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“Democracy was born out of the collapse of regimes of theocratic ‘certainty’ and the impasse in which despotic or tyrannical regimes found themselves. It is an attempt to find ways for a people to enter the future together. It is not able ...Read More

What can America learn from the Rojava feminist revolution? "Ecological restoration projects are also underway in Rojava, where years of conflict and decades of colonial, centralized land ownership under the Syrian government have decimated ...Read More

"The Kremlin is setting up fake parties to control next year’s election — but this may no longer be enough."

This piece from 2016 is still quite relevant. “One of the falsehoods in the Clinton speech was the implied equivalency between civil resistance and insurgency. This is an autocrat’s favorite con, the explanation for the violent suppression ...Read More

This youtube Democracy Now is the best/current information I could find on progressive Kurdish Rojava ( anti-capitalist, feminist, equality-seeking ) societal movement in Syria and the imminent threat/annihilation to come with Turkish ...Read More

On 'platform' parties (Farage, etc.):

"Like tech startups, they're aimed at rapid growth, w/ email sign-ups and PayPal donations replacing formal membership. And, in accordance w/ the creed of Silicon Valley, their purpose is to disrupt."

Chatting about why we're building Relevant on Tank Magazine...

"Right now we have an overabundance of populist metrics online and not enough hierarchical structures that can help us navigate the digital world. That’s the void that Relevant ...Read More

Looking at these results, I find it interesting that a plurality (if not an outright majority) of people view healthcare/education/climate/infrastructure/inequality as key issues that necessitate reform within the next 30 years. At the same ...Read More

I'm interested in the outcomes, but scanning the article this is all I found. Curious about what the participants really thought it did and didn't do.

“There was a pretty clear signal on which items, which bills, were the most important ...Read More

Was this ever posted? I forget how much Peter Thiel has to say on like, everything. I thought West's relationship in the whole thing was interesting.