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The field of “climate services” is spawning an industry of companies that sense the potential for massive profits by selling customized data to clients who want to learn in explicit financial detail where and how much climate change will affect them. This “shifts the incentives for climate science away from ...Read More
Every country needs to deeply question its technological motives at this point. " In the race to build the latest hiring app or state-of-the-art mobile banking system, startups and companies lose sight of the people behind each data point. “Data” is treated as something that is up for grabs, something ...Read More
“Global warming skeptics sometimes say rising temperatures are just another naturally occurring shift in Earth’s climate, like the Medieval Warm Period of the years 800 to 1200 or the Little Ice Age, a period of cooling that spanned from roughly 1300 to 1850. But a pair of studies published Wednesday provides stark evidence that the rise in global temperatures over the past 150 years has been far more rapid and widespread than any warming period in the past 2,000 years — a finding that undercuts claims that today’s global warming isn’t necessarily the ...Read More
Liam Gillick talks about a book published in 1998 that foretold the perils of neoliberalism we are facing today. TLDR: `To Live and Think Like Pigs is about the marketization of every gesture, made possible by the accommodations that were made between increasingly cynical class actors at every level and the Ayn Randish pseudo-ethical nerd culture. Under the banner of personal liberty, this culture would come to feed on the ...Read More
Very interesting essay about AI & UBI by Vi Hart. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions, but it does make interesting points along the way (Data Collectives, MIDs or Mediators of Individuals Data, Data Dignity...) ...Read More
"Of Strings and Kings is a set of musical compositions written for strings and machine learning algorithms. The AI duet accompaniment to the essay will serve as an aesthetic counterpart corresponding to the subjects of each chapter."
“Although the database has been deleted by Microsoft, it is still available to researchers and companies that had previously downloaded it. Mr Harvey said it was still being shared on open-source websites.”
"A little high school geometry can help you understand the basic math behind movie recommendation engines."
Founder of Telegram on WhatsApp hacks: “Every time WhatsApp has to fix a critical vulnerability in their app, a new one seems to appear in its place. All of their security issues are conveniently suitable for surveillance, and look and work a lot like backdoors. “
This is a bit obvious but an interesting look into the evidence or data of health issues based on geographic location. There are so many factors that add to the quality of food we consume, education, cost, access, time, the list goes on. On top it, real nutrition seems to ...Read More
"The potential disparity between the value of personal data and what users receive in return creates space for governments to seek reimbursement on society’s behalf." -- Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg, "This Is the Best Way to Tax Google and Facebook"
The lack of WMD in Iraq, but not the munitions found on the Ocean liner that brought the US into WW1. Yet another example of the US government lying to it's citizens to go to war.
‘Potential users thus need to consider whether the promise of more health knowledge today is truly worth a potential lifetime of precarity and discrimination in any of the many scenarios in which their data travels in unanticipated ways.’
Interesting proposal to emphasize data ownership and compensate users for their data. This is something Jaron Lanier has been arguing for also. But I’m skeptical this can lead to practical changes or actual money in people’s pockets. We have been paying for the use of free services with our data "Keith's run for congress is premised on a new approach to personal data, and a proposed dividend that will be familiar to the Yang Gang." ...Read More