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Corrupt state subsidies and poor business plans are giving solar energy a bad reputation. “Just one day after Tesla finalized its acquisition of SolarCity, Preet Bharara, then the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced criminal charges against a handful of Cuomo staffers for rigging the construction bids for the Buffalo Billion program to favor the governor’s campaign donors. The man ...Read More
On natural wine, authenticity and big alcohol. “The inconsistency, the impurity, the strong smells, the bits of stems and yeasts that sometimes make it into the bottle – all this signals to the consumer that natural wine is an alternative to the bland, monotonous “perfection” of commercial products, in the same way that slight asymmetries distinguish handmade ...Read More
A post-Kanders toxic trustee report I wrote for New York Magazine, in print and online. Who are the bad billionaires, private prison investors and pedophile apologists, still sitting on ny museum boards who might be targeted next by activists? What structural changes can be made like eliminating pay-to-play requirements for ...Read More
Warren Kanders Resigns From Whitney Museum Board After Months of Controversy and Protest. It will likely have an effect on the vetting system for trustees on board museums in the future. In case you haven't followed the story, eight artists removed their work from the Whitney Biennial because Kanders ...Read More
Rob Horning on authenticity. What came to my mind is all the authentic things that are not desirable and commodifiable, like poverty, grief etc.
Revisiting Rob Horning’s Authenticity as Service: “The discourse of authenticity espoused by marketers posits a pretend space untouched by capitalism where social relations are “real” instead of mercenary. Since all interactions under capitalism are corrupted by generalized exchange, the only way to be “authentic” is to not interact with people. So naturally that’s what marketers sell ...Read More
“Photography is not just a system of calibrating light, but a technology of subjective decisions.” From the Shirley card and Kodak Gold film to dual skin tone color-balancing algorithms, Sarah Lewis studies how unconscious bias is built into imaging technology.
"In some parts of the world they are revered and protected; in other places they are captured and eaten for dinner. One thing is certain: They’re everywhere."
Astonishing view on this soon-to-become new museum of architecture, reminiscent of Dubaï or Abu Dhabi, a cynical and distopian move. But what a beautiful article, read it on your largest screen
By measuring the rate and scale of these graphene waves, Thibado figured it might be possible to harness it as an ambient temperature power source. So long as the graphene's temperature allowed the atoms to shift around uncomfortably, it would continue to ripple and bend. Place electrodes to either side of sections of this buckling graphene, and you'd have a tiny shifting voltage. ...Read More