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I can't remember the last time I saw a plate of food or a celebrity on this app. let's not forget the element of self-determination in these filter bubbles lol.
"Instagram is broken. It also broke us." "A recent survey of almost 1,500 British young people showed that Instagram was considered the worst social media network for health and wellbeing, associated with higher levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It is a platform perfectly suited to exacerbate school bullying and negative body image, and as anyone who has spent as little as 10 seconds scrolling through it can attest, one that thrives on the endless ability of human beings to compare themselves to others and be found wanting."
Good article. The one thing that is over looked or forgotten is that instagram was original a photo sharing app. Early instagram was a photo community where young photographers would share there work. This was before the algorithm and celebrity took over.