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“Especially revealing is the significant under-representation of people of colour in some of the fields often touted as being among the most progressive, including the arts, journalism, academia, fashion and the film industry. As Walker said, the answer lies in large part in overcoming the sense that racial inequality and discrimination have been overcome. “The challenge in the progressive community is benign neglect; benign validation,” states Walker. “When you look behind the curtain, the emperor has no clothes.” In 2015, an art museum demographic survey commissioned by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation found that 84% of museum curator, conservator, educator and leadership positions were held by white people. Racial minorities were most often employed as museum security guards. “The case is clear and urgent,” Mariët Westermann, vice-president of the Mellon Foundation, wrote in the report’s introduction. “Constructive responses to it will be critical to the continued vitality of art museums as public resources for a democratic society.”