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Report and opinion from the protester occupation of the Place du Chatelet mall by Extinction Rebellion, Gilets Jaunes and other groups (Machine translation). …You will find Place du Châtelet only the logo of this association Extinction Rebellion. In all its forms and sizes. Clinging to trees, drawn in chalk on the ground or built in wood and illuminated with lamps, there is only that everywhere and this, no matter where your eyes will land… …Organizers, all dressed in orange safety vests, not yellow, not to risk mixing with the plebs of deep France. For these organizers, it is normal to constantly contact the police and the prefecture to find arrangements, without warning the people present. When I and my friends mention the various cases of police violence, including the recent and alleged murder by the police of the young Ibrahima in Villiers-le-Bel, ask these organizers to assume that they communicate with police murderers, violent and rapists, the response of one of them is: "yes, now I think we have nothing more to say to you""