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"Big technological shifts have always empowered reformers. They have also empowered bigots, hucksters, and propagandists.”


“Steve Huffman, the co-founder and C.E.O. of Reddit, told me that in high school he learned “about Gutenberg, Martin Luther—the democratization of knowledge and power. It was deeply ingrained in me that freedom of expression is important.” Naturally, he moderated the speech on Reddit as minimally as possible. “In the early days, we considered ourselves the anti-gatekeepers—the liberators,” Huffman told me. “Everyone’s feeling, including mine at the time, was, Trust your users. Let them post what they want to post. If it’s bad, it’ll get down-voted.””

I think the weighting of up and down votes (i.e. amplifications and remediations) and the processes underlying any power differentials basically constitute the make or break of an information infrastructure.