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The idea of (over -) identification or fusion for/with a specific group through perceived deprivation is not new though, it would be interesting to examine how much of this reciprocates with the individuals need of the consistent self.
I have been thinking that we need a more sympathetic approach to the alt-right movement and wave of more controversial viewpoints and values across the US and Europe. While we should be tough on xenophobia, the situation that they are arguing from, brexiteers and trump supporters, is a place of increasing wealth inequalities for one example. They blame imigration and they blame globalism, perhaps some are sceptical to global warming, but they want the economy to be free and unregulated. We could be much more sympethetic in our conversations with these people, as they might not see that what is harming them isn’t what they comment on in hidden facebook groups, but rather a system that doesn’t give equal opportunities to everyone, that fuels global warming bringing in possibly more imigration, exploitation of natural resources and supportive of a consuption level which is far more than the earth can bear, which will just lead to more austerity and more scaricty and more un-economic growth