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“What frightens me is the active confusion between knowledge and data, the reduction of knowledge to information. It’s the idea that the world is a matter of numbers and the task of knowledge is to handle quantities. ... It can’t be enough to do correct mathematics. Once we have done correct mathematics, we still need to determine what this exercise implies for the life of beings.”

Achille Mbembe on how computational logic —> engenders a kind of knowledge —> that facilitates extraction of value & making superfluous of people—> colonization.


Mbembe on dismantling of ‘whiteness’, the reduction of knowledge to information, reconstructing a common world; “There is therefore a massive need to recover the ability to think”, & “will we be able to invent different modes of measuring that might open up the possibility of a different aesthetics, a different politics of inhabiting the Earth, of repairing and sharing the planet?” This is an astounding interview. * Long Read - More then worth your time ^


This is staggeringly brilliant and important.