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Ghost Work isn’t about specific jobs, but a reorganisation of employment itself (..) Any project or task that can be, at least in part, sourced, scheduled, managed and shipped through a web platform can now be performed by people on contract anywhere they can access the internet. For $15 an hour, he faced a stream of graphic content including animal torture, child pornography and death, but the workflow meant he had to watch videos in their entirety even if he’d seen them 30 times. He says daily, unexplained and seemingly arbitrary policy changes meant disturbing material was often left online. He couldn’t directly alert authorities about crimes, he says, and never heard back about his escalations to the responsible Facebook team. The company periodically fired huge swathes of the workforce regardless of performance, says Speagle. He survived two purges before roughly 90% of his floor was culled in one day. The rumour was that following major Facebook policy changes, training new workers from scratch was easier than retraining. Facebook is investigating these claims of periodic purges.