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My generation left them debt and war!


This is very US focused tho. I'm based in EU and not to say this is non existing here, I don't feel that I'm being "hit" by recession. But perhaps I'm just a privileged white kid 🤷🏻‍♂️


Very upsetting read, but be prepared. Essential article, in my opinion.


The problem with these articles (IMO) is that it's not hard to point out some numbers and say we're doing worse than our parents. I don't read anything towards some sort of solution driven perspective. Like, what can we do with this info rn? What is the call to action? I don't do pension and never done because I've seen it fail up close, pre 2008 recession. Instead I've started to put money in crypto. But is that a good alternative? Perhaps that's something I'd like to read about more, opposed to these fear mongering click baity articles.


Hey @futurefood_io giving you some upvotes to balance those downvotes. Plus a PSA for everyone: The point of downvoting comments is to filter out spam, trolling and unproductive conversation, not to express disagreement. If you disagree with someone’s comment, either take the time to post a thoughtful reply or leave it as is.


A good take in a vast sea of bad ones