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"After a few months of swirling discourse, we can begin to identify an emergent set of positions in the debate around the Green New Deal. The right-wing has resorted to classic red-baiting…The vanishing center is clinging tightly to its cozy attachment to a politics of triangulation… But on the left, too, there are criticisms, and outright rejections, of the Green New Deal… I argue, however, that a politics of pure negation—a politics that…positions itself primarily in opposition to the Green New Deal—is neither empirically sound nor politically strategic." "The opposite of pessimism isn’t self-assured optimism, but rather militant commitment to collective action in the face of uncertainty and danger. We might take our cue from social movements that adopt a stance of critical support, embracing the political opening afforded by the Green New Deal while at the same time contesting some of its specific elements, thus pushing up against and expanding the horizon of political possibility." via