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Understanding Contemporary Forms of Exploitation.

Passionate workers are more likely to be taken advantage of: „(...) there's a common misconception that if someone loves their job, they would prefer to work instead of doing other activities that contribute to a fulfilling life.“

This part really stood out to me. As a freelance writer for many years, my fellow writers and I have found that turning down work opportunities because of low pay is a losing game. Someone out there will take the job no matter what, and maybe that means you’ll have a lean month. This cycle just perpetuates employers who pay peanuts for quality, skilled work.

“Chung attempted to organize a jazz musicians' boycott for a fair wage in 2011 and found that even if more experienced performers hold out on gigs, there's always a new crop of up-and-coming artists eager to take low-paying gigs to get their names out there. She proposes that local legislation that rewards businesses for paying artists fairly may be a more effective way to make change.”

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