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"In order to determine if a woman is "responsible" for her miscarriage, Georgia prosecutors would be allowed to investigate. Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy have been cited by policy experts as ways a woman could potentially be held responsible for her miscarriage under the bill." Wow, this is very scary that women could be charged with murder because they are suffering from an addiction or decided to have a small glass of wine with their dinner. Will they also consider prosecuting women with High BMIs, Type 2 diabetes or un-diagnosed thyroid disease. Madness. There seems to be momentum growing behind the support of anti-abortion in the US. I do wonder if this is being driven by the consistent decline in birth rates across the US or if it is more to do with a rise in non-secular beliefs. Here's an interesting article on birth rates in the US and Georgia.
IMO the blame mostly falls on Democrats and moderates for failing to protect the social gains of the 60s/70s Bill Clinton had that quote about abortion being "safe, affordable, and rare." By using this type of rhetoric you cede the moral high ground to anti-abortion advocates by implying that abortion is morally objectionable, and not something that is relatively common (the number I've seen is 20% of women by age 30 have had one). It's generally an attempt to gain votes from 'moderate' conservatives and swing voters at the expense of women. The problem with this strategy is that to anyone who actually believes abortion is baby murder, this position just makes you look spineless. They'll vote for an anti-abortion candidate, of which there are many. There have been shamefully few mainstream Dem politicians that have unequivocally stood for pro-choice positions. Instead you always get caveats and milquetoast crap about how 'its a complicated issue.' Biden is the current frontrunner for 2020 and he was a big supporter of the Hyde amendment until just recently (when it became harmful politically). Now he's changed his tune, but that doesn't erase the fact that he was a party leader for 40+ years and did plenty to help undermine these rights. This failure to stand for women has allowed a sustained attack on Roe for nearly 50 years, and now the door is open for it to be overturned by a conservative supreme court. It's thanks to this kind of inaction and faux moral posturing that we now see these barbaric laws spreading around the country.
A fantastic and thoughtful reply and yes this does appear to be part of a greater scheme to challenge Roe vs Wade in the Supreme Court; where some might argue the current incumbents are likely to overturn it. The Guardian has a good article on this and its possible further repercussions for US law.
Some extremely troubling facts how miscarriage pertains to the anti-abortion bill signed in Georiga.