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Real Life is on a roll these days. A great article about the WeWorkisation of cities.
Insightful article and publication, thanks for sharing. Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the past 9 years and being a reluctant WeWork member for about 3, the article particularly resonates with me. “These industries exist to increase the price of land and extract rent from what gets built on top of it. Providing shelter, safe places to work, and efficient means of getting between them comes second. The consequences are predictably cruel: vacant homes outnumber the homeless three to one and self-sustaining neighborhoods succumb to the economics of chain retail and corporate rents. City budgets wither away as they take on all the financial risk of financing construction and maintaining infrastructure while developers build cheaper, flimsier, more self-similar buildings.” And a lot of my own journey of renewed self-discovery involved breaking out of - ”The individual finds themselves stuck: the alienation of work leaves you desiring those baubles and experiences that money provides.” Someone I follow on Twitter recently posed the question of whether WeWork is this generation’s Enron.