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"Back in 2006, I published on one of my domains,, the opinion piece “Seven Things we’re tired of hearing from software hackers”. A few years later, for reasons not relevant here, I froze that whole project. One unwanted consequence was that the “Seven Things”, together with other posts, were not accessible anymore. I was able to put the post back online only in December 2013, at a new URL on this other website. Last Saturday I needed to email that link to a friend and I had exactly the same experience as Bray: Google would only return links to mentions, or even to whole copies, but archived elsewhere. I asked Google to reindex this whole website, but nothing changed. Yesterday afternoon, through BoingBoing I discovered Bray’s post. As soon as I read it, I tried DuckDuckGo and got the same result: Google ignores my copy of my own post, DuckDuckGo correctly lists it as first result"