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Designers are cutting their marks on what will seem like an insane sentient garment, one which lives on and in the surfaces of our future ruins. This clothing combines different kinds of artificial intelligence, embedded industrial sensors, very noisy data, tens of millions of metal and cement machines in motion or at rest, billions of handheld glass-slab computers, billions more sapient hominids, and a tangle of interweaving model abstractions of inputs gleaned from the above. A furtive orchestra of automation is amalgamated from this uneven landscape and capable of unexpected creativity and cruelty.
from a couple of years ago, but still, interesting speculations from bratton regarding the issue of sensation in AI urbanism, as well as, provocatively "augmented reality for crows, and artificial intelligence for insects"
Some very cool concepts in here, especially when considering the broader idea of 'any surface as a user'. I really enjoyed your 'Reading Machines' paper you linked the other day btw!