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Just saw this under video 🤦🏻‍♂️ “RT is funded in whole or in part by Russian government” Good idea or pretext for censorship?
I know a few “educated”, forward thinking ppl in nyc who only watch RT and actually were aghast when told that it’s owned by Putin. And it is owned by Putin - common knowledge in Russia but no so much in the US. So probably a good idea... also understanding the context enables one to better extract value - a lot of stuff on RT is indeed valuable, just like CNN, Al Jazeera or BBC again, once you take context into account.
@slava I agree, RT does have seductiveness. I like to consume all outlets aware of their baises. I’d like to see this for CNN, Al Jazeera (funded Qatar).. YouTube clearly putting Russia on a propaganda pedestal and acting politically. When internet companies have bias, showing simple notification has roots that forage through their entire development cycle, shadow banning and search manipulation surely follow same thread.
True, plus pressure from government to only endorse state-aligned propaganda
@slava checked and they have for al-jazeera