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Why I believe the expectation of web services being ‘for free’ should end.
"After 2014, we started losing the benefits of the internet’s infrastructural and economical diversity. It is difficult to compete with AMZN’s and GOOG’s Cloud Services, which host a massive amount of sites for other businesses. Any website aspiring for significant traffic depends on Search and Social traffic. "Many aspects of the internet will lose their relevance, and the underlying infrastructure could be optimized only for GOOG traffic, FB traffic, and AMZN traffic. It wouldn’t conceptually be anymore a “network of networks”, but just a “network of three networks”, the Trinet, if you will. "25 years of the Web has gotten us used to foundational freedoms that we take for granted. We forget how useful it has been to remain anonymous and control what we share, or how easy it was to start an internet startup with its own independent servers operating with the same rights GOOG servers have. On the Trinet, if you are permanently banned from GOOG or FB, you would have no alternative." #google #facebook #amazon
I think there will still be opportunities for technical resilience against the Trinet with decentralized tech like IPFS, but it’s a question of how relevant that will be for the average user. There is some hope in cryptoeconomics, but seems like Goog and fb could easily implement their own centralized versions - reward points and the speculative nature of the current climate probably won’t exists once the tech becomes more of a reality. The only real advantage decentralized tech has / will have is ideological which tends to loose out to convenience. No matter how big or fast your blockchain is it won’t compete w a centralized data center.