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Hi. Its ever think about how the big bads in both medical are collective consciousnesses. how even though the federation is a post-money post-scarcity society it still has things like individualism!

What at first read like advocacy of universal ideals for all citizens of a healthy society began to read more and more like a covenant for cerebral warriors. By virtue of placing the greatest belief upon these principles, the letter ...Read More

On social media platforms, conspiracy beliefs can also become addictive and immersive — they become a gamified layer of everyday life, imbuing mundane objects, situations, and gestures with larger-than-life significance. Participants in ...Read More

I know this is from a few months back, but sadly neofeudalism (neomanorialism?) is an issue that may need to be perpetually on the radar. There are many with a great deal of wealth and power that would see a return to some variant on the ...Read More

Homelessness is beyond brutal and unjust. This pandemic should reveal this. What it does instead is make the sentence absolute in its cruelty. There is a sense in the LGBTQ+ community that we have to move away from narratives of ‘inversion’ or the early-20th-century idea that gender variance and sexual diversity ...Read More

A lot of young men especially talk about how porn has given them a “twisted” or unrealistic view of what sex and intimacy are supposed to be, and how they then find it difficult to get interested in and aroused by a real-life partner.

Four essays on the future of influence by Caroline Busta, Geoffrey Mak, and @Pierce Myers (and one by me!) Available for free DL on Kaleidoscope Magazine's website.

"Today, the real power to influence culture rests with the algorithm, and ...Read More

This project entails not only intervening at the level of social media but also trying to understand the ways in which information is part of everyday life