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In an interview with Artnews, Herndon admits that she’s stumped by this problem: “ ‘What is an individual’s voice?’ and ‘how do you copyright it?’ are very sticky questions. I don’t have the answers, but … our society isn’t structured to ...Read More

Tommy Cash, the Eastern European performance artist and musician single-handedly responsible for making Estonian hip-hop a thing, has always leaned into his Soviet roots. So when we asked him and a few co-conspirators to take some pictures ...Read More

“Everybody makes this thing about sexuality as if that’s the main thing in your life, it is NOT. The main thing in your life is to get through it with a sense of joy, whilst being able to deal with the pain that life will bring you.”

Content bias was the most reliable effect of the three in explaining the rise of negative lyrics. This is consistent with other findings in cultural evolution, in which negative information appears to be remembered and transmitted more than ...Read More

“The social practice of raving to electronic music did not have its origins in the financial sector, nor were the styles of music that anticipated EDM–house, techno, UK hardcore of various shades–created to be played on yachts via Sonos ...Read More

Live stream of Björk's recent project Kórsafn, an AI-generated composition that combines choral arrangements from her archives based on NYC hotel Sister City's roof camera feed.

I genuinely despise pitchfork and much of their critics judgement calls / power they hold over musicians and industry but this is an interesting convo!

Ashleigh Lauryn on Nina Kravitz and the problem with cultural appropriation

With the release of her official studio debut Over It, she made history last week by racking up the biggest streaming week of any female R&B artist ever.

The book that Prince didn’t get a chance to write sounds like it would have been a fun read.

Also great to hear him talk shit about Ayn Rand.

A flashback to about a year ago, but of relevance given how gay men are increasingly perceived in Russia.

“The central taboo concerning Tchaikovsky’s life has been his homosexuality – the topic that has been barred from public discussion ...Read More

"Eilish is the first hitmaker born in this century. She’s the same age as the iPod, which must be why she’s so unironically gung-ho about jumping between musical styles — she pillages gangsta rap, Hot Topic emo, mall grunge, goth balladry, ...Read More

Wow love articles and initiatives like this one! #apply #femme #music #NYC 🎧

The grant, which goes up to $20,000 per project, can specifically be used to fund an EP, album, or video.

"Twenty years ago, the idea of free music was so compelling that up to 80m users downloaded Napster and broke the law. The aftershocks are still being felt today"