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Luba Elliott, a curator and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence in the creative industries, gives a great overview of current tendencies, shares his favorite tools and artists working in the field.

“As the popularity of AI ...Read More

“Cajsa von Zeipel’s figures are glitched simulacra of the human form. Von Zeipel uses silicone – a material that is common in implants, sex toys, and kitchen equipment – to bring her sculptures to life. Beneath the silicone there are parts ...Read More

Frederico Campagna on end of history, our expiring reality-system, axial/ontological shift and the future adolescents we must prepare a fertile ruins for them to start worlding from. These feel like very potent narratives for overcoming ...Read More

Rather than solid nation-states in which elites calculate balances of power, "noopolitik" is a transparent endeavor open to all manner of connected players in a gaseous global realm.

The Prophet of the Revolt: Martin Gurri and the ungovernable public.

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An exhilarating reading list from Strelka Institute’s Terraforming program with a wide selection of books that help explore the geotechnical, geourban, and geopolitical conditions by which a viable planetarity can be conceived, modeled, and ...Read More

Ours, a browser-based work by Samuel Marion commissioned by Rhizome as part of its annual Microgrants, introduces a speculative vision of the ...Read More