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I wrote a quick NYFW roundup for Editorial Magazine

“With a sparse schedule and New York’s most iconic designers seemingly becoming displaced by corporations like Nike and L.L. Bean, it seemed like fashion week was destined for ...Read More

"After more than a decade traversing Europe, Balenciaga's provocative creative director is producing some of the most creative and fashion of our era."

Don’t just throw them a prize and say, ‘Oh, we did our duty,’ and then put them in touch with CEOs that don’t even want to have conversations with them,” he said, critiquing initiatives like the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. “Here, there is ...Read More

"If the overall brand concept and/or brand identity isn't shifting the culture like Pyer Moss, Christopher John Rogers and Telfar what's the point," said a freelancer.

"Who hangs out in SoHo? Luxury’s big boys all have a footprint, but so does the streetwear macrocosm: More conspicuous than the Moncler-clad Europeans with wealthy-looking skin are the zealous young men oscillating between Supreme and ...Read More

“Luxury is supposedly more timeless... but a collaboration brings novelty and freshness.”

But with ubiquity comes the question of value. Nearly two decades after they became a regular occurrence, are brand collaborations still worth the ...Read More

“The common trope of wealth is like, burning money,” Lil Internet, who also goes by Julian, said. “Throwing money away. And it’s like, you’re spending thousands of dollars on an outfit that everyone knows is Balenciaga but codes as like a ...Read More

R.I.P Gia, one of the first openly gay models who’s short, fast, and tragic life is forever immortalized by a film they should remake.

"Everyone thought Michelle Phan had died. After ten years, 385 videos, and over a billion views, YouTube’s biggest beauty star disappeared abruptly in 2015, leaving her Twitter, Instagram, and video channels silent. Phan arguably invented ...Read More