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"Everyone thought Michelle Phan had died. After ten years, 385 videos, and over a billion views, YouTube’s biggest beauty star disappeared abruptly in 2015, leaving her Twitter, Instagram, and video channels silent. Phan arguably invented the entire genre of YouTube beauty. If you’ve ever fallen asleep to the calming tones The 9 million people who made up her subscriber base mourned the loss in the digital equivalent of a candlelight vigil. “I’ve been watching you since I was 14,” lamented one commenter, “and I really miss you! Feels like you were my best friend and now I have no idea ...Read More
I wrote an essay for SSENSE about sneakerbots and what they can tell us about the commodification of information and the current state of capitalism. Some quotes from McKenzie Wark's new and brilliant book Capital is Dead help with the heavy lifting
"Scandal-hit Oxycontin heiress Joss Sackler tried to pay recovering opioid addict Courtney Love more than $100,000 to attend her controversial Fashion Week show - but the widow of Kurt Cobain shot back, “The Sackler family has no shame - I won't sell out to them.”"
“Handbags, in particular, are this thing that is supposed to be an economic status indicator. Like – I’m 25 or 30 or 40 and I’m doing OK. We have a status bag that has nothing to do with that.” The status isn’t about money: it’s about identity, about experience, about ...Read More
“ With the decline of industry from 1970 to 1980, young people who came from the bourgeoisie and whose parents were engineers or doctors, began to work within this new domain – in museums, fashion or the luxury sector. This became the core of a new economy. Today, we ...Read More
Farfetch acquires New Guards Group for a staggering reported $675 million. Virgil Abloh, Marcelo Burlon, and Heron Preston are getting the last laugh.
“The store sometimes delayed for months payments to its smaller suppliers⁠—the kinds of brands that built its reputation as a place for exclusivity and discovery. New brands may be a financial risk for a large department store, but, as the company’s first bankruptcy demonstrated, it’s a financial risk for young ...Read More
" Celine Art Project, the curatorial endeavour signed by Slimane, which will bring site-specific artworks to each Celine store over the course of the next few months. " Seems like art mixed with select fashion corps, major retailers, and corporations is not just a trend but possibly the only way ...Read More
Writing the word “capitalism” on a name tag in a high-end fashion show for a company that sells $500 sweatshirts is not a critique that we can afford to take seriously.
An exercise in stating the obvious: luxury fashion houses subsist on banal accessories branded with logos, profiting off of their unusually high margins. Image-conscious consumers buy into “premium mediocre” items for the delusions of luxury they inspire, says Eugene Rabkin.
"Punk has been dead as long as I’ve been alive, which means we’ve been living in the 1990s for almost 30 years. The establishment that has grown out of this cultural dynasty looks very different than our classic image of the bourgeoisie. A new aesthetic now caters to the skaters ...Read More
A dive into the economics of furries. 🐯 "Prices for a partial suit comprising a head and arms began at $6000." ...Read More
“More than its fresh sound — a fusing of metal with punk — more than articulating a generation’s disillusionment with capitalist culture, the appeal of grunge, for me, was this: It reflected and ennobled the blue-collar world I knew.”