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“It's not up to me to say what's more important, I just write books, but it’s about how these things are enabling. How can a book be a thing that’s got the tools in it, where you don’t need (in the American context) $100,000 worth of graduate school education just ...Read More
"I hate porn". To begin with: there are different types of porn. There are types of porn that piss me off - the same type Emma Lindsay is talking about on the article, and some others - but there's also a whole world of interesting porn out there. We sure To make it short, let's mention porn that consists on women having orgasms. There's a video called "how to eat pussy like a champ", please search for it, it's on Pornhub, and tell me that it's not doing a service for women. And it's very porn-y, it's not even close ...Read More
“While less pronounced in later works associated with Xenofeminism, the 2015 Manifesto stands as a testament of cultural theory’s persistent conflation of radical politics, and eliminative logic. Repair work must begin here.”
“Why are the very women who, in theory, hold the most social power so interested in divesting themselves of it?“
There's been a lot written about how disturbing this movie is, seemingly right on time. + more on 'Robert De Niro - The King of Comedy' which I highly recommend, if you've never seen it. "Whether one thinks Joker is reckless incel murder-porn or a provocative mirror to the deranged violence in our society, nearly everyone is viewing the movie through the lens of the present."
"Do you think this perverse culture surrounding wealth and the trappings of it is worse in the US than in other places? I think it’s worse in the US, and I think it’s worse in LA."
"A Summer Chronicle, part 3: NATASHA STAGG talks about how vanity has changed and reflects on what her favourite movies have in common"
" In the EVAs, real-robot weaponry meets super-robot mysticism. That’s the rub of “Evangelion”—the EVAs are not simply machines, but living beings. They’re manufactured clones of the Angels, who share ninety-nine percent of their genetic material with humans, distinguishing them from super robots like the Transformers, which are sentient but ...Read More
"Jia Tolentino writes about punch-me-in-the-face discourse on Twitter, celebrity stans, and the trend toward the half-ironic millennial death wish."
Natasha Stagg for Affidavit “My coworker and I were sitting in a park in SoHo, eating lunch on our break. “Should I be offended that this guy asked me to get him onto the Shitty Media Men list?” she asked."
A flashback to about a year ago, but of relevance given how gay men are increasingly perceived in Russia. “The central taboo concerning Tchaikovsky’s life has been his homosexuality – the topic that has been barred from public discussion for almost a century … In the eye of the authorities, it would have been unthinkable to accept [that] … Russia’s national treasure was a homosexual.”
A beautiful brief biographical piece: ... and on On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: ‘The book has a poetic density that is at once elliptical and unflinching in its gaze, a testimony to the endlessly complicated dynamics of damage. “Sometimes being offered tenderness,” writes Vuong, “feels like the very proof that ...Read More
Naomi Fry on Keanu. "If only more of us could learn to adopt Reeves’s attitude in our own lives. It’s O.K. to take a pause sometimes, to not engage, to let the world separate from you a little bit, he assures us. Just watch me."