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The book that Prince didn’t get a chance to write sounds like it would have been a fun read. Also great to hear him talk shit about Ayn Rand.
"On the 5th Episode of Kerwin Frost Talks, Kerwin gets the tea from the legends Shayne Oliver & Ian Isiah of Hood by Air!" Shayne and Ian go in on the fashion and cultural legacy HBA’s left on high fashion and the NY underground.
Not sure what to think about this all white K-pop band and the cultural appropriation moment here. Seems most K-pop fans at this point are uncomfortable with it as the band gets death threats. An interesting note is that the band was actually started as an Artwork, slash experiment by ...Read More
“Right now, I’ve become really ensorcelled by this Venusian fertility cult in the Valley. They’re beautiful women, all related to each other. [Ed note: Love is referring to the Kardashians.]”
"Eilish is the first hitmaker born in this century. She’s the same age as the iPod, which must be why she’s so unironically gung-ho about jumping between musical styles — she pillages gangsta rap, Hot Topic emo, mall grunge, goth balladry, fusing all the noise that keeps her awake. She ...Read More
Naomi Fry on Keanu. "If only more of us could learn to adopt Reeves’s attitude in our own lives. It’s O.K. to take a pause sometimes, to not engage, to let the world separate from you a little bit, he assures us. Just watch me."
Andrea Long Chu on Jill Johnson and the lesbian separatist movement of the 1970s: “In short, everyone was busy accusing everyone else of trying to get laid. This was the hairy, horned heart of it, a generalized anxiety that women’s liberation would be unmasked as sexual politics in the worst sense of Kate Millett’s famous phrase: sex transvested as politics, a Russian doll of ...Read More
"Bennington College in the 1980s was a hothouse of sex, drugs, and future literary stars--among them, Donna Tartt, Bret Easton Ellis, and Jonathan Lethem. Return to a campus and an era like no other."
I wish I could have attended something like this as a teen. The idea of having a suitcase full of organized slime is honestly a dream.