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Varios funcionarios del gobierno de EE. UU. En altos cargos, incluido el Presidente, afirmaron recientemente que la criptomoneda no es una buena forma de pagar los bienes y servicios. Si bien algunos analistas dicen que esto detuvo una carrera alcista en 2019, ¿es cierto que estas palabras realmente tienen un ...Read More
"Three priorities were set for completion by the November deadline. The city’s blockchain points system will be introduced and residents of Seoul will receive S-coins for the use of public services. They will be able to redeem those points for rewards. Services that generate the coins include paying taxes and ...Read More
“Nobody actually cares if tether is backed or not,” says Konstantin Plavnik, chief operating officer of Moscow-based crypto derivatives exchange Xena. Confidence in Tether’s solvency relies on long-time habit and convenience: this market needs tether, so tether is trusted.
"One way to think about various kinds of crypto projects is through the lens of contract theory. An axiom of this area of legal scholarship states: “all but the simplest contracts are incomplete”. That is, contractual arrangements cannot anticipate every possible outcome or set of actions, given complex and dynamic ...Read More
Came across a REALLY cool project in Sardinia this weekend called Sardex. "Sardex is a regional business-to-business (B2B) "commercial credit circuit," or "credit club" - a members-only network that allows local Sardinian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to do business by extending each other euro-denominated credit rather than paying in cash." ...Read More
SEC came down hard on Kik. This is the first SEC come-down I've seen in a while. Do we think we'll see more in the space? How will it impact the ecosystem? Full briefing here: ...Read More
It's seriously the year of the #dao "Second, they could eventually disrupt the $42 billion enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry, where giants like SAP (20 percent), Oracle (13.9 percent) and Microsoft (9.4 percent) reign supreme, and disintermediate other markets, including lawyers and accountants who are normally involved in a corporate setup process." ...Read More
I love seeing governance ideas like this and think they would be a great idea to make elected groups stick to their manifestos. "SmartPromises is a public accountability platform that allows a nation to incentivize its political parties to make S.M.A.R.T. promises, i.e. "Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely". ...Read More
It's going to be very interesting to see how crypto actually plays out in countries with the most unstable currency. It does provide a shred of hope when thinking about Argentina or Venezuela for example but hard to imagine it will come soon enough and not become predatory within already ...Read More
"Facebook’s long-rumored stablecoin will be at the center of a brand new payments network, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Project Libra, as the blockchain initiative is called internally, will reportedly involve a stablecoin backed by government currency."
"Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom and Whole Foods are among major retailers now accepting Bitcoin via a project backed by the Winklevoss twins."
SEC called and said your token is a security. This framework isn't much of a surprise, and is pretty conservative. Not much room for utility tokens, with the exception of perhaps stable utility tokens. Even giving away tokens via bounties or airdrops is a potential sale of securities, footnote 9: "airdrop may constitute a sale or distribution of securities". This makes me miss the days of speculating about what is and isn't a utility token with Token Foundry a year ago... :\ ...Read More
"Unraveling" is probably the best descriptor for what is happening to VC. Tim O'Reilly is one of the first network celebrities and public intellectual contrarians of Silicon Valley and cocreated institutional seed investing. He has been a long time proponent of "sustainable growth" for startups. I do think that his Sure, every firm invested in one or a hundred ICOs last year, but the ICO narrative was at first to revolutionize fundraising for a company. Transcend borders, unaccredited investors allowed, you no longer have to go to stuffy VC offices in Menlo Park to raise over 1 million, etc.. In ...Read More