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If you weren't able to catch the Commons Stack presentations during Berlin Blockchain Week, this is a good catch up on some exciting announcements! 👉 cadCAD is now open source! ...Read More
This is a technical primer on how to make your own bonding curves, followed by a discussion about the opportunities and risks involved.
Moving from CAD to CAG: baking data-driven complexity models into our decision-support systems will revolutionize our ability to understand the implications of policy choices in our complex social systems. The future of DAO governance is emerging.
"Three priorities were set for completion by the November deadline. The city’s blockchain points system will be introduced and residents of Seoul will receive S-coins for the use of public services. They will be able to redeem those points for rewards. Services that generate the coins include paying taxes and ...Read More
"Cloudflare is uniquely positioned to host an Ethereum gateway, and we have the utmost faith in the products we offer to customers. This is why the Cloudflare Ethereum gateway runs as a Cloudflare customer and we dogfood our own products to provide a fast and reliable gateway. The domain we We also use Load balancing and Argo Tunnel for fast, redundant, and secure content delivery. With Argo Smart Routing enabled, requests and responses to our Ethereum gateway are tunnelled directly from our Ethereum node to the Cloudflare edge using the best possible routing." ...Read More
It's seriously the year of the #dao "Second, they could eventually disrupt the $42 billion enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry, where giants like SAP (20 percent), Oracle (13.9 percent) and Microsoft (9.4 percent) reign supreme, and disintermediate other markets, including lawyers and accountants who are normally involved in a corporate setup process." ...Read More
"The promise of blockchain and related technologies is that these arenas can be set up in ways that minimize trust requirements, reduce concentration of control over data, and enable free, censorship-resistant transactions in an increasingly global and automated setting. In this post, I propose this development represents an important step in the evolution of bureaucracy. That may sound counterintuitive given this term’s common association with inefficiency and excessive paper-shuffling. But once we understand the essence of bureaucratic organization, it will become clear that blockchain networks are actually bureaucracies par ...Read More
We (L4 & Prototypal) have just shipped our full end-to-end demo of Counterfactual, a framework for generalized state channels.
Quite a detailed analysis, but I am still not sold on the full Decentraland story. What do you think?
This article contains a chart demonstrating that different #blockchain companies have different purposes - and they overlap with lots of other tech to create a secure, scalable #decentralised ecosystem
I like the user experience here and will soon be opening some fun prediction markets about the things I care about (e.g. success of Relevant, value of my personal token etc.)!
Increase block size to 16MM, add a BASEFEE that changes with network congestion, burn the BASEFEE instead of letting miners game it, only give miners a "tip". This is supposed to reduce the amount of ppl overpaying gas (average is 5x more gas than necessary) and succeed in "cementing the ...Read More
I am excited to be here and test this out! Getting started by posting most recent thing I helped write :)