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Well, it’s here 🤔 And open source, so that feels positive. And they’re using the “right” buzzwords - Simple. Inclusive. Global. ...Let’s see where it goes?
Facebook just legitimized blockchain and open finance.
It's worryingly less bleak than I thought.
An extremely odd choice of background music, I would have thought they'd gone for something a bit more...optimistic?
You can just feel the dollars dripping from each frame of that ad. Wonder what the budget was...
If Libra ends up being and doing what it says on the box, I don't have too much of a problem with it. But I can easily imagine the consortium limiting user's ability to use the coin pseudonymously because of legal concerns. Or making it difficult to transfer / trade it with other crypto. I guess nothing more we can do than just wait and see as we keep on building our own tools and infrastructure.
My apprehension definitely stems from it "being and doing what it says on the box", given some of the players involved.
Agreed. I think this will be very susceptible to censorship which makes this NOT the global currency it is being represented as. I'm interested to see how nation states react to Libra and in turn, how the public reacts. Aka this meme: