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It's seriously the year of the #dao "Second, they could eventually disrupt the $42 billion enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry, where giants like SAP (20 percent), Oracle (13.9 percent) and Microsoft (9.4 percent) reign supreme, and disintermediate other markets, including lawyers and accountants who are normally involved in a corporate setup process." I think crowdfunding is the first step towards truly decentralized orgs. Crowdfunding is almost like the onboarding to cooperatives.
Am I reading correctly that this was published in 2017? I’m a believer in DAOs. I led Product at Aragon in the seven months culminating with their first Mainnet release. This experience within broader the DAO community makes me think it’s going to take at least a couple years for the first DAOs to make an impact in any form of real-world intersection. That said, it feels hopeful to see early adopters experimenting with the tools as they become available.
Oops! So crazy - I didn't even see the article date... it's so relevant to most other articles I've been seeing out. What do you think about the P2P Foundation's work with DiSCos? -> Seems like they are taking the "let's find real-world intersection" approach